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Mrs. S



Awww! Such a sweet photo.

That's one of our favorite books!

Unga Chunga

I need a new mother - the old one seems so preoccupied these days............ :)


*giggle giggle* That's a good one!


I sure appreciate that the young Rhodester is captivated by large machinery. I do know that feeling....

Damn it I miss you guys. Lots of love from the apartment that is slowly rebuilding itself.


Ah---the snort, right?

Now, now. He knows who is mother is.

But great photo, Mere.

Old Horsetail Snake

No, kid, your real mother is a little smaller than that. Now.

LadyBug Crossing

That was #1 Son's all time favorite book!! LOL!! I recognized the line immediately and almost spewed tea out my nose!! I'm still chuckling about that one!!


Also one of our faves. I have Emily's copy in my classroom with all of her scribbles on it. I love this picture and I'm glad you know the book.


oh that photo is precious! how did he get so big? thank heavens you have another baby or it might be too much to see your baby grow up so fast.

Karen Sugarpants

How freaking cute! Email me when you (snicker snicker) have time.... I'm ready for you whenever you want to get going! :)

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