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Beautiful, Mama!

Mrs. S

What did I say about not warning me before a tear-inducing post? Some of us are still pregnant you know!!! *wipes away a tear*

Seriously, though - beautifully written, your mom sounds amazing and I'm sure you're going to be as great as she is.


Eye puddles here... Hooray for Moms! You and yours...


God, woman, you are a poet!

Print this up, send it to her, frame it-- it captures everything.


Aahhhh! Mom. Sometimes nothing else will do.

Unga Chunga

Goodness I can relate to the feelings shared between you and your Mom! My trips to Oklahoma and California were as equally heartwrenching as we said goodbye. We never could say a word - we just hugged tightly! The message was there. I remember dreading the departure back from California before I even arrived!! But so worth the visits and the wonderful memories!


I almost hate you, this was so beautiful.


I know what you mean. Thank goodness for Mamas, right? I'm looking forward to my own mother visitng for 2 weeks in 5 weeks time. But I am also dreading her leaving in 7 weeks time...


There is no one like your mom. She's the best. I'm glad she came to see you and the boys.

LadyBug Crossing

Sniff Sniff... I feel the same way every time my parents go home. I hope they will be here soon and not have to go again.


Oh,my. I miss my mommy. What a beautiful tribute.

Suburban Turmoil

That was short and sweet and so so brilliant.

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