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That was so adorable. Eli is just about the same age as my grandson and I see many similarities in them. It's a good thing we have our children when we are young, so we have the energy to keep up with them. I am sure everyone has told you not to worry about Eli turning to Joe. This phase will pass in a bit and you will be numero uno again.


Ohh Meredith, your two boys are truly beautiful boys. Oooo you've gone and made me so bloody clucky!

Eli will make a fine big brother, he is just adjusting to having someone else in the house who depends on you more so than what he does. He'll get there. And so will you.

Shower them both with love and give them kisses from their two Aussie mates (that's Monet and I)! Thinking of you all! Well done.

Mrs. S

HA! You didn't make ME clucky... of course, I'm already more than half done my first pregnancy, so that might have something to do with it. You did make me wish that four months would pass a LOT faster, though... except, Henry looks kinda big and whoa... now I'm scared.

They ARE gorgeous, though - you all sounds so happy and the boys look so happy in the video. I'm sure Eli will forgive and forget soon enough, just try not to let the hormones beat you up about it in the meantime. *hugs!*


How wonderful that Henry's a champion sleeper & nurser! Beautiful. As is that video. Just precious.... gorgeous boys they are. Sarcasmom's right.. you'll be #1 again before long. Though good that there are two of you! Tell your story when you're ready -- we'll still be here.

Old Horsetail Snake

Golly, it hasn't been that long that Eli was a baby. I hope he loves his brother muchly, and you get all the props you need -- and then some more.


Ah, Meredith. Such a great post and a wonderful video.

Glad to know you are happy. Eli's sudden preference for Joe is just a defense mechanism. He's doing what he needs to do. He'll be back.

: )

Missed you!

LadyBug Crossing

They are both adorable.
I love the foot on the baby! That's just too funny!


Congratulations! Love the video.


oh thank you for sharing such BEAUTIFUL boys!!! My god, woman!! You have brought such beautiful boys into the world.


Lurker here... my daughter is 20 months older then my newborn son.. and I too cried for hours when she turned to dad for comfort that first time. She ALWAYS comes to me! But that day, she didn't want me.. she wanted him.
She still comes to me, but now, 50% of the time, she is going to daddy for that emotional support she needs. I feel the gap between us like a physical barrier. Some day we'll get past it, but right now it just bites. She has been my best friend for 20 months.. I could always count on a cuddle and snuggle from her. Now.. not so much. I SO understand what you're saying!


hi, all!


And oh, Eli! You're still the first born... rank has it's place. You'll see, why-- just ask Daddy!
Hugs to all from N.E. Pa. !!


Even if it's hard, can you do more sayin'?


Hey, lady. Just checking in to see how things are going in your world. I hope all is well! I'm thinking of you! Just think...with each breast feeding you are one step closer to running and smoking the best cigarette ever! I wish I could be there to see it.

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