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*giggle giggle* Great photo! When I say to Monet that "are you ready to go for a walk", she will promptly turn off the television, or push what ever she was playing with aside, slip on her shoes, grab a hat, grab a teddy/doll, run to the door. She then asks ME "Bag? Keys?". How funny are they?

Mrs. S

Strangely, this is a familiar experience... only it's my HUSBAND who is always being told to get ready and then forgetting everything, but asking ME if I'VE got all MY stuff (since, you know, if I've got MY keys/wallet/whatever, then he has no need for his own). Pfft, men. I'm so glad we're having a girl... I'll have someone to help me whip Daddy into shape lol

ADORABLE pic, btw!


I love it! Too cute. Little K yells "Crocs on!" when he wants to go outside. He's been living in his little red Crocs this summer.

Eli makes an adorable bag lady!

Old Horsetail Snake

Boy howdy, he is all boy. Swell-looking child, Meredith.


Man...I need a #6 ;-)


I'm totally impressed by the lipstick. I need to get the make-up going.

How cute is Henry's smile up there on the sidebar. And Eli's stare is hilarious.

LadyBug Crossing

He's learnin'!!
You are a really good teacher!!

Unga Chunga

He's got it all together! You don't realize how much they are taking in until they surprise you like this!


What a cutie!!! Looks like he will help keep you organized.


Thinking about you today. How are you? I miss you.


How are you doing Meredith?! Thinking of you & yours...


I keep coming over to visit but no-one seems to be home. How are you?

Old Horsetail Snake

All that in a coupla minutes? Eli should be running the country.


I'm impressed that he went for a bag first! After all, it's not what's in it to start with that's what WINDS UP in it that matters:)

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