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I'm so sorry, Mere. I hope the treadmill does the trick.

I'm sure more sleep would help, too.

And more writing?


And did I say it gets easier?

I wish I could make it all better for you now.

Mrs. S

They put me on Zoloft when I was younger, and I found that rather than actually make things 'miraculously better' it merely took away almost all emotion and made me numb all the time. I also gave it up as soon as I could and found other ways to cope.

I'm sure you're on the right track, you just need to cut yourself some slack, sweetie! And feel free to vent to all of us in blog-land for support as needed (besides, unlike Zoloft, THAT'S free!)



Ohhh... nodding and relating, Meredith...

I'm impressed that you carted both kids in for the 6-week checkup!

I agree that perhaps more blogging would help... ;-) though of course that's probably time you could use for sleep!

Hugs & lots of kleenex...

LadyBug Crossing

Take the time you need for you during the day. Yah, I know... okay, so take a minute or two to pee by yourself...


Awwww!! Poor you. That sucks. I never had PPD - just D, as you know. And the headaches that came with the meds. For me, blogging helped but I did not have an infant or two to make that next to impossible. I think your treadmill is a wonderful answer and more time on the phone with me.

Love you lots.


Thinking of you Meredith. Keep at it - you'll get there in the long run.
*Hugs* xx


"I'm not and won't likely ever be the sunniest girl in the room."

I'll thumbwrestle you for cloudiest!

If there's anything I can do to help other than cheer "go treadmill" (although you're SO WRONG, experience says it's an exercise bike that will fix you up right, but okay)-- let me know. I'll even do one of those horrific support things where we write each other how good we were all day with our gatorades and iPods.


give your hormones a chance to even out a little bit and just keep on keepin' on. zoloft made me the world's biggest bitch and the week i was on it is down in my book as one of my most messed up! i know this may make you think "yeah, whatever, like i can do that" but see if you can get even a half hour of alone time here and there. xo


I'm in the same sort of place so sending you best wishes and hope you start to feel better soon.

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