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And I love hearing your words.

You are without Joe?

Amazing woman, you. I gave my husband hell when he didn't come home by 5:15 when Hannah was a newborn.

Phone numbers can make the difference, can't they?


I can remember the phone number days. Now I usually try like hell to avoid the swap. Unfortunatley, what used to be a "let's have coffee while our kids play with blocks and watch Elmo's World" turns into trickery that only serves the PTO or PTA or whatever the hell they are tryig to recruit volunteers for that day. Once the boys hit school age - only give out the email. It's much safer.

Ha! I sound like a bitter crazy woman. Oh's all true.

So I just tried to call you and will call again tonight. I am mailing you today as well.



Those days seem like a lifetime ago for me. I remember greeting and meeting people saying, "Hi, I'm Gail, Rachel's (or whichever child's name was appropriate) mom." I was no longer just Gail. But, you know what? I wouldn't want to have missed those days for the world!!!

Mrs. S

I'm glad you feel validated... I think feeling validated is one of the most difficult but rewarding things, and it's even better when the validation comes from good people for good reasons!

I don't understand the importance of the phone-number swap, yet, but I will continue to read on and learn so that by the time my wee-one is finally here I will know what the heck is going on.



How long is Joe gone for, if you can say. I hope it is just for some training, and not the "real" thing. You may be one of the bravest women I know. So young, with 2 little ones so far from home. Reah out if you need us.


There's a package from me to you, and it will begin it's journey across the globe to you today...






Have I got all the facts? Mother of two? One is an infant, only 8 weeks old? The other has a high need for clean floors? Living in a foreign country? Have I missed anything else that could make the list of TOP ten most stressful life situations?

You are doing AMAZING!! Look at those gorgeous boys! You are amazing-- do not entertain any negative thoughts about yourself that you wouldn't say to a dear friend.


Lady, anytime you need validating, just know you can call on me!

You really do amaze me with your courage and how you manage to be so gifted with the words still after all you must do in a day is a mystery to me! I LOVE reading your site. It reminds me sometimes of the first time I read any of your work in one of Perry's (ugh) classes and I remember thinking how much I liked the flow of your words, and I was both inspired jealous! Still am (in the best way) BUT, I digress. Wish I could have you guys for a play date and some dinner. Take care of yourslef and your little dudes. xoc.



I think I'd love you as much as I do even if you were not my sister. You are a real super-trooper and damn it...I cannot wait till November. We can hook up in three states over three weeks!!!

All my best to the boys...all 6 legs of them.


LadyBug Crossing

Momma K said it right.. it used to be a good thing to swap numbers... Now you need to be sure of the person long before you do the swap!!


*hugs* (and best wishes!) You are a wonderful person Meredith. You are doing so well without the support of immediate family members who are too far away to come over at the drop of a hat. Keep your little chin up.

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