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What a great photo to have for him when he is older. Boys and heavy machinery, a match made in heaven. I remember hearing about DVD's aimed at little boys that were of constuction vehicles at work. They were supposed to be quite popular with the preschool set.

Mrs. S

On the plus side, when he has his heart broken again by some 7th-grade hussy, you will be able to remind him that he has survived such devestation before - and you even have the photo to prove it!

Clearly you are the most forward-thinking mother EVER! ;)

LadyBug Crossing

Hi Mere,
Just catching up on reading your posts.
I'm so sorry the snorts have gone. We had the same thing happen when #1 Son was little. He was devastated when the snort digging the septic system next door left while he was napping. It was a sorry sorry day. Although, we used disposable diapers so we didn't have the sore butt to go along with aching heart.
As for the tampon thing - I'm still laughing about that one! Thanks so much for the chuckle. I needed that!!
Happy belated b-day!


Oh my! That is funny. We're familiar with the sore bum here... oh, so familiar. Great photos! It's hard to pass up those opportunities! They'll be the pics he'll get the biggest kick out of when he's older -- as will future women in his life!


I'm so glad you're writing again. I worry you're being a tad tough on yourself. Is there anyone there to tell you to stop it?
Your words continue to amuse and amaze me.
Miss you! and thanks to the above poster to remind me to wish you a happy belated b-day.

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