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I am sorry that I am laughing but there is nothing to be done. Every single piece of that tampon story was awesome.


Funny. My son puts toilet paper up his butt and goes "bahk, bahk". He says it is just like Chicken Little. I have yet to see this movie but I doubt a chicken would put paper up his butt.


Brilliant boy.


Ha!! Tampons always thrill the tots. You can pack a tampon and 2 band-aids in your purse and always be ready for the check out line, the waiting room or just general boredom. They work like a charm!

So has he tried to breastfeed Dan yet?


Toddlers are a very intersting breed. I don't know what the happened in our house this past month, but a full fledged toddler with tantrums and all has emerged. So, not only did I laugh HARD at the tampon story, I fully sympathize with the "rules" you have to follow.


Wow! One of the funnier kid stories I've heard in awhile! Avery loves my tampons, too,but he just unwraps them an runs around the house with them. Eli's a smarty. I love the new Henry photos, by the way. What sweet faced boys you have...xo c.


Oh my goodness. We're full-on into tantrums here. I hear you! I guess it's comforting that you all walk upstairs just so, huh?

Who knew that tampons could come in so handy! The manufacturers ought to package them as toys and then they could charge even more for them! My husband would probably do the same thing if I sent him to the store for pads...

Mrs. S

I can't decide which I like better about this post. The rules, I think... no, wait!! The tampon story!!

Or, actually... probably the picture...

Very hard to pick. That's how you know it's a good one ;)

Oh! And thanks for joining in on the big PB&J Debate - your input is always appreciated *hugs*


Sounds like I'll be using tampons as a party favor for Eli's 2nd birthday!

Come along.


'Getting-back-into-the-pram' tantrums are really really big around here. This week anyway. Toddlers? Who knows how their brain works? As long as I hold her and whispher a a hundred times a day how much I love her into her cute little ears, I forget about her little tantrums.

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