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He is precious, Meredith! Absolutely beautiful.

That Eli... too funny. My little K used to pick up debris - fuzzies, carpet ick, toe cheese, and eat it. Then I taught him to bring it to me instead. I think he only does that when I'm watching. I'm pretty sure he has a secret snack of blanket fuzz daily.


Oh, he's gorgeous! Congratulations!

My guy is 2 weeks old today. I am thoroughly impressed by the amount of blogging you have been able to do. I'm typing one handed right now. Does this skill get easier the second (third) time around, too?


Henry is so beautiful. Don't be so hard on yourself. That is something I tell myself everyday. My little one turns 1 in two weeks and my three year old sucks the life out of me. Glad to hear the meds are not the answer. I contemplate it frequently. Exercise? Yeah, right. Full time job, two kids, lazy husband. I don't think I am going to lose weight anytime soon. Good luck.


Hi beautiful boy!

Hannah is JUST now getting out of the anal two thing. Both of my girl have issues with tags and seams in the socks, but have mellowed over things like this as they grow older.

You should be so proud of yourself taking care of both kids all day. When Hannah was born, Rachel was doing a little bit of pre-school already, which helped tremendously. You are doing GREAT!

Mrs. S

My aunt's eldest boy is the same as Eli, it seems - when he was younger, if he got a single drop of dirt or sand or water ANYWHERE on his ENTIRE BODY all his clothes had to be removed, right then and there!! You can imagine how difficult it was as a 15-yo baby-sitter to take him and his brother to the park without causing any scenes.

Henry is GORGEOUS! And he's got a great eye for fashion - that little jumper is just TOO cute! I hope all continues to go well/better for you, and thanks for keeping us all updated.


that is one beauty of a boy you have there, mere. what a lovely job you've done yet again.

i marvel at eli's aversion to dirt! maybe he could call avery up and let him know how to be that way, too, at least a little bit! thinking of you. xoc


He is just too cute for words. THe Cutie Patootie, at 19 months is also a little sensetive about things on his feet or even his fingers. Seems strange for a little boy.


Wow. He's a show stopper. Look at that face...
He does look more like you than his sweet dirt-hating brother.

I'm really worried now. We have all hardwood floors here. Maybe I'll just get hiom some really cool non-slip slippers. That way he won't feel the dirt. What do you think?

LadyBug Crossing

#2 is adorable!!

#1 really has to chill about dirt between his toes... when the boy goes to college, he'll be going with a dustbuster curstesy of LBC!! Heaven forbid he be unable to concentrate on his studies because of a few potato chip crumbs on his dorm floor!! LOL!!

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