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I distinctly remember Tom sobbing into the carpet when I said, "Oh, he'll NEVER see his parents again?!"

I'm lazy. I don't solve it; I just rewrite it.

My sister is nine years younger than I am. We didn't get along until I moved out. She's one of my favorite people in the world now though.


My siblings were 13 and 15 years older than me. So I grew up as an "only" child. I love watching the relationships between my three girls. I envy their closeness.


My sister is 3 and a half years older than I and we have had a pretty good relationship throughout all these years. I'm glad of that. We were always doing nice things for each other... Maybe I only remember the good times though. I'm sure we would have fought like cats and dogs at one point or another. (Gorgeous piccie BTW)


That picture is precious!

Once when my older sis (+6 years)was babysitting us younger ones, she told us that she was going blind. I was convinced it was happening right there, on the spot. She was curled up in a ball, crying into her new coke-bottle glasses. Didn't scare the shit out of us too badly or anything! And I'm sure she'd love that I just shared that with internet people.


Aw, totally reminded me of the torment that I used to cause my brother. I still feel guilty about some of the pranks that I pulled on him. However, I'm glad to say that we're best friends and thick as thieves now. I love the photo of Eli & Henry. They're getting big fast, eh?


Oh Mera...

For some reason, I do remember the Bon Jovi album, but little else of the torment imposed. I hold it not though, for I suppose it is the duty of the elder to be that way.

I miss all of you terribly and wish I could see those two interact, but the time shall come soon enough. And the two furry lovers can be reunited in neutered and spayed bliss.

We talk soon big sis...I love you tons.



There is 10 years between my brother and myself. I guess I was what you could call an
oops?!? My friends love it when he picked us up from school in his super sporty car, and he loved showing off. He also loved tormenting me, not too bad because baby sister had Dad wrapped around her finger ;~)
Get use to the rough-housing and keep plenty of icepacks and bandaids on hand!!

Mrs. S

Seriously, could your boys be any more adorable? The curls! The chubby cheeks! It's enough to make a woman faint... or spontaneously conceive, perhaps. I'm not sure which.


Oh man, are we alike. I have repressed most of the awful things I did to my younger sisters but I'm pretty sure they haven't. (Feel free to ask them -just please make sure I'm not around.) It came up on our recent vacation - during the truth or dare game, actually. "Do I think I was a good big sister?". Shit. "No, but I think I am now." Is there any way I could earn extra credit???

Your boys are beautiful -bites and all :)

BTW- I've given up proper punctuation for pre-Lent.


I don't know, I'm thinking Henry looks pretty content there, bruises and all. He'll be biting back soon enough.


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


Those are some beautiful boys! Happy Birthday, Meredith!


That's just the sweetest picture! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Meredith!! xo

PS- I'm really concerned that those pants in the above picture were hurting you. I hope they weren't.



That picture with you & your bro is a scream -- I remember those terry rompers. My mother actually had a few. Now THAT was scary!


Your photos are so beautiful and CAPTURE so much they make me catch my breath--- that one of you and your brother I SWEAR I had that exact same terry cloth shorts set-- god that brought back memories--

Love your posts-- your boys are so gorgeous-- sigh.

Unga Chunga

I was thinking that about the rompers too! Maybe your Mom was trying to get just one more summer out of them! HA1
As the middle 'bunch' we suffered some tormet from your father in our youth but most of the time he was fairly indifferent. And we took our punches out on the golden boy who could then (and now) do no wrong!

What great pictures! The grocery store has got to be the worst place to get stuck with a 'kid with a tantrum' There is only one thing worse that your child throwing a tantrum.............your mother admonishing you and saying that she always had her children 'under control'. That she did!

Henry is really filling out! Yummy Mommy!

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